Temperature zones of india in referance to USDA zones

Every time  we search about whether  a specific plant is suitable for a particular place or not we end up with almost no data except USDA classification and after that the calculation and speculation based on that .

There is no specific categorization for the other countries than the USA where minimum temperature to a region is used to define the region’s USDA hardiness zone.USDA hardiness zone is a geographical categorization of area in which a specific type of plants are capable of growing, defined by many climatic conditions, including its ability to withstand the minimum temperatures of the zone. Most of the tropics and sub tropic areas in India fit somewhere in zones between 10 – 12,  for example - Delhi NCR falls in zone 10.

most of the time we have to relay on our hunches . so to tackle that  we can refer to the data below and say goodby to annoying task of searching and researching about suitable climatic condition and temperature . ......enjoy !!


        Temperature  zones of India in reference to USDA zones

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  • Kamalkushari on

    In west bengal ,for lilium flower plants 3 to 8 zones

  • Madhav on

    I leave in India (Bihar, Samastipur)and wanted to grow flowers which belongs to USDA 5 – 9. Will the flowers didn’t grow in India??

  • Bhavesh on

    I leave in India and wanted to grow flowers which belongs to USDA. Will the flowers didn’t grow in India??

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