How to grow ranunculas

when to plant :August - September

sun exposure : full

Ranunculus grow well in well-drained soil and prefer rich, sandy ground. Avoid planting your ranunculus in areas where puddles remain long after rainfall, or if you know your soil is heavy clay.

Ranunculus are cool weather plants. They dislike warm temperatures and hot sun so wait until temperatures are favorable . For best results, plant the bulbs in light, well-drained soil. Avoid soil that stays wet as it can cause the bulbs to rot.

how to plant

1. Loosen the soil in the garden or fill a pot with coarse, well drained growing mix
2. Plant the bulbs 4" apart and 2" deep with the claw side down
3. Cover the bulbs with soil and water as needed


how to plant in pots :

To plant ranunculus tubers soake the tubers in normal water for 30 to 45 min before planting , fill the container about three quarters full of soil. Place the tubers so that they are around 10 inches (25.4 cm) apart from each other and fill the container with soil so that the tubers are covered in about two inches of soil.Water the tubers to settle the soil.

  • Remember container plants tend to dry out more easily than plants in the ground, so be mindful of watering over the growing season.
  • Keep in mind that ranunculus plants tend to make a large root system, so don’t crowd them too much in containers.
  • you should make a point to water your tubers just after planting.

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