How to grow crocus

when to plant :Ideally, plant crocus corms 6 to 8 weeks before the lowest temprature is expected and when soils are below 60°F(16°C). This is usually during September and October in the North, and October and November in the South.

sun exposure:full to partial

How to Plant :

Plant 2 inches deep and provide 2-3 inches of spacing. The pointy part should face up. Some fertilize at planting time with bone meal. Others say bone meal is unnecessary at this time and invites pests to dig around, which could dislodge your crocus bulbs

If this is a concern, lay chicken wire on top of the ground after planting. Or you could hold off on the bone meal till spring and just use some compost when planting.

Divide to prevent overcrowding and/or to propagate.

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